is esports agency of record for LION Cereals

Lion Cereals is a Nestlé brand distributed in Europe and the Middle East giving young adults a nutritious and great tasting breakfast.

In 2017, the French Market decided to get involved in esports with Hurrah in order to increase awareness and been seen as an innovative brand in esports.

End of 2019 , LION Cereals is now one of the main partner of the League of Legends european championships, activating 6 countries.

How did we get there?


Wildest Fans

Feb — Apr 2017

After recruiting 10 000+  fans for the first-ever esports booster club, we sent 100 to the European League of Legends Championship finals, hitting  40M impressions with the “Wildest Fans” campaign



May 2018

An ad campaign that speaks the same language as the fans, with 600K views with a 100% completion rate

Cast at home

July — Aug 2018

Esports is best lived in stadiums. But how to get a piece of the stadiums at home when you can’t go abroad? Introducing cast-at-home, an awareness campaign that generated 9.8M impression

Hymn of Legends

Oct — Nov 2018

Anyone can recognize the UEFA Champions League hymn, but what about esports? An activation around the creation of the official hymn for the French LoL Open Tour: 8.5M twitter impressions,  179K twitter engagement & 1 hymn played at the finals


LCK pre-show

Feb — April 2019

In France, the LCK matches starts at 7 am. So fans have to get up early to be able to watch it. Why not enjoying a bowl of LION Cereals in the process? That was our messaging for 13 weeks of activation, generating 376K direct views for the Lion Style LCK preshows in partnership with French webTV O’Gaming

No Fan No Hype

July — Sept 2019


A campaign that celebrates European esports fans LION Style both online & offline through 5 countries



April 2020


TriathLion - Lion Cereals x Solary


Roar Map

July 2020


Roar Map by LION Cereals - gaming operation

LION Cereals created its very own  game mode on GeoGuessr – the Roar Map – where every strarting point is a lion. We got the finest  French GeoGuessr players to play this new map live on Twitch & bring genuine brand presence

The Hype Room

August – September 2020


Hype Room - LEC Discord Lion Cereals x Riot Games

With The Hype Room Discord, LION Cereals offers the fans – who currently face frustration due to the cancelation of many big esports events – the opportunity to remain together during the League of Legends European Championship.

2021 on-going