Our tailor-made self management structure for empowering Hurrah’s specialists.

Since 2019 have operated under a system that we like to call, Hurrahcracy. What does it mean? Well…

The Hurrahcracy system essentially means that there are no ‘bosses’ at (although we like to think everyone is definitely a boss in their own way). As there are no traditional managers or bosses, all projects at are operated by ‘Teams’ of experts, each with their own expertise. Everyone has an equal say on decisions that are made regarding the team and we have a rigorous system of meetings and check-ins in place, to ensure everyone is up-to-date on exactly where their project is going.

Hurrahcracy is designed to replace the traditional ‘pyramid structure’ that agencies traditionally adhere to. At we believe that by removing this hierarchy, we allow our experts and teams the freedom to self-govern. This independence and trust inspires both individuals and teams to work for the greater good of the agency and for our clients, win/win, we believe! Each expert at is encouraged to work individually to best execute their individual accountabilities within their teams, however, the team always come together as one entity to make final decisions. Much like our friend the Octopus…

We also have a number of teams dedicated to the running and welfare of the group including a Support Team, a Comms Team and an Advisory Board, made up of a rotation of staff members from across the business. These teams help ensure all of our employees needs are looked after and provide an open and diverse collective of minds to take the big decisions that are needed sometimes…a much better solution, we believe, than one single person calling all the shots.

If you’d like to learn more about Hurrahcracy or our journey so far, read this French interview of our CEO, or…get in touch!